"Milli ekonominin temeli tarımdır."

Management Policy


To meet the needs and expectations of our members with participative, effective, reconciliatory, reformist, and administrative applications based on benefit, and to progressively enhance our corporate structure.

  • To stay in continuous touch with our members,
  • To contribute to the success of our members,
  • To assure the secrecy and security of members’ info,
  • To increase the knowledge and experience of our members and turn them into effective service,
  • To present our members with the latest innovations by following the latest technology and scientific developments closely and to become a foundation that reaches, processes and delivers data fast,
  • To increase our effectiveness in a participative and transparent administration and forming this notion into the corporate culture.
  • To increase both the quality in our services and the satisfaction of our members and society.


  • Human and Environment are our most important values.
  • Our members are the reason of our existence
  • Our employees are the most important factor in the success of our foundation
  • Abiding the Laws is our basic liability
  • Improving Turgutlu Economy and increasing the social wealth are our principal duty
  • Well educated human resources are the assurance of our future
  • Becoming a researching, uniting and compromising foundation is the method of improving our mission.