"Memleketi; iklim, su ve toprak verimi bakımından, tarım bölgelerine ayırmak gerekir."

About Us Turgutlu

Turgutlu is one of the biggest Countys of Manisa which has become the centre of attention, attracting a lot of attention of entrepreneurs through huge progress in the recent years. Founded in 1530’s, Turgutlu County has always been a spot of attention and a passage. Having been a passageway for many civilizations, Turgutlu was occupied by Greeks shortly before the occupation of Izmir. It was relieved by the successful War of Salvation, yet on the escape route of the Greek army, Turgutlu was burnt down totally except for the place now called ‘KÜLLÜK’.

The population of the county is 121.020. 77% of the population lives in the county center, while 22.6% in the neighboring villages. There are 3 municipal districts along with 37 villages in Turgutlu, which is classified as 1st class County. There are also 37 quarters, 22 of which are in the center 8 in the district and 8 in the villages. Families coming from different places live in harmony in the center and villages of Turgutlu. Our county has an economy based on agriculture, soil and machine industry.

There are also 45 primary, 11 secondary and 7 private teaching institutions, 3 driving schools along with 2 libraries. In the county are 2 state hospitals with 150 and 120 bed capacity, and there are 12 health centers, 8 in the village and 4 in the district. There is 1 Mother-Child care and Family planning center, 1 tuberculosis dispensary, and 1 112 Emergency Station with its modern ambulance. There is also a nursing home with the capacity of 60 seniors built by the residents.

Farming is carried out in the 54% of the county. Poly-cultural agriculture is applicable in the fertile lands of Turgutlu due to the existent fertile soil of Gediz Basin and the Mediterranean Climate. Seedless raisin, cotton, tobacco, tomato, wheat, cherry, peach, plum and olive are some of the principal produces. Table grape production has become an important asset in the region. Cotton farming is carried out in the Gediz Basin. Tobacco is the income source for the rural people. Caper Plant, thyme are also among newly grown produces. Grain, and tobacco in the rural, is used to barter for cotton. Barley production is carried out for animals. Peach, cherry, plum and fig production are important in fruit farming. There are not many olive trees. With the impact of canning factories in the region, production of tomato, pepper and cucumber has become important. Stockbreeding is not as important as plant production.

E23 highway stretches through the south of the county center and the railway through the north. The distance to the airport from Turgutlu is 60 km. Urganli Spa is the most important touristic establishment. The spring water here is with carbondioxide and bicarbonate. Its temperatuter is between 62 – 67 Celsius degrees. Evliya Celebi has attributed to this spa with praiseful quotes in his famous Itinerary.

The county has attracted attention in the recent years with its investments. The works carried out both in and around the city center have changed the outlook of the city. With 98% shares of Industrial Zone passing to the Municipality of Turgutlu, and with new undertakings in the zone, Organized Industrial Zone has become more attractive to investors. 74 parcels in the 1st stage have been allocated to investors and the construction of the 2nd stage has been started, thereby speeding the infrastructure of the Zone. Following all these, Cukurova Group BMC and related factory units have started to form a schedule to move them to Turgutlu Industrial Zone. Modenas Firm, a well-earned name in motorcycle production field, has purchased a production unit and started the construction for its factory. Aside from these, sub-industry factories have applied for allocation of sites. The most important asset of this Zone that differentiates this region from others in the region is the fact that it is close to Izmir and therefore a bridge to export, and it has a preferable geographical location. As there is a Technical High school and Occupational Academy in the county, there are qualified personnel in almost every field ready to work in the industrial plants in the Zone.

Our county is also carrying out investments in education that may be set an example for other cities. A modern building and workshops have been built for Celal Bayar University Turgutlu Occupational Academy with the support of our Mayor and the Municipality. Alongside all these developments, M.Serhat Orhan –the mayor of Turgutlu- is undertaking some works to bring a Faculty that gives 4-year education to the county and is giving both moral and material support for this issue.