"Tarımda kalkınmayı kolay ve çabuk yapmak için şartlar, çok ilerlemiş ve hazırlanmıştır."

Population & Transportation


The population of the county is 121.020. 77% of the population (93.727) lives in the county center, while 22.6% (27.293) in the neighboring villages. Turgutlu is the 3rd biggest county of Manisa. There are also 37 quarters, 22 of which are in the center 8 in the district and 8 in the villages. Families coming from different places live in harmony in the center and villages of Turgutlu. As a result of both industrialization and agriculture workmanship, many of the incomers to the city of Turgutlu do not return to their homes, with the result that the city population accumulates every day.


The distance from Turgutlu to Manisa is 30 km, and 45 km to Izmir. E93 Highway stretches through the east, and Izmir-Usak-Afyor railway through the north of the city. The 32 km section of the railway from Izmir to Turgutlu was built in 1855. It was extended another 76 km towards Alasehir between 1873-1875. E23 highway with its heavy traffic has 4 lanes, 2 for each direction. The highway is never blocked in any season.