"Türkiye’nin gerçek sahibi ve efendisi, gerçek üretici olan köylüdür."


To become an example Commodity Market that is strong, respectful to humans, sensitive to environment, defender of the interests of its members and the society, contributor to local economic and social development and respected by its members and commercial society.

In this respect;

  • To create necessary conditions to attain a national and international commercial place by supporting the potential of entrepreneurship and accumulated capital as well as qualified workforce and the fertile land of the region,
  • To create projects to promote the value attained through adding commercial value to indigenous products ,
  • To run arbitration board and create a reconciliatory medium in probable disagreements between our members and/or shareholders ,
  • To become an establishment that can serve in the electronic medium .


    Serving our members and commercial society with the highest level of value by using the authority-to-serve that we obtain from the laws while enhancing our corporate existence.

  • To utilize our duty and authority received from the laws for the members and our County.
  • To take active role on a regional, national and international scale to protect the interests and rights of our members ,
  • To inform the members on the legal matters and assure them to meet legal requirements,
  • To contribute to the development of the economy of our county, and to the continuity of the economic, social and cultural values of our society,
  • To carry out projects for brandization of indigenous products like unfermented grape juice, grape-balls, grape-pulp, etc. and to contribute to the promotion of Turgutlu on both national and international platforms,
  • To inform the investors and members on present subsidies and incentive credits,
  • To take active role in getting the members to obey ethical codes of conduct, and to prepare the Declaration of Trade Ethical Codes of Turgutlu Commodity Exchange Market.